Why fund the United Nations Human Rights Council?

Congressman Francis Rooney (R-FL) (File photo)

Growing concern that an Iranian will head UNESCO

Ahmad Jalali (left), the Iranian ambassador to UNESCO and leading candidate to head the agency

U.S. Rebukes Veteran Arab Diplomat Over Remark to U.N. Security Council Comparing Gaza to 'Concentration Camp'

Lakhdar Brahimi, an Algerian diplomat and a member of the so-called "The Elders" (File photo)

IDF: Knife-wielding Palestinian attacks Israeli troops, is shot dead

A knife used in a Palestinian terror attack (File photo)

Israeli Ambassador Danon: UN Security Council Provides Platform for 'Blood Libels'

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon (File photo)

The UN helps Assad rebuild, as he continues the carnage

Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad sitting down with United Nations envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura (File photo)

A Reform Agenda for the U.N. Human Rights Council

The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights speaking at the U.N. Human Rights Council (File photo)

A UN Committee Is Considering Making "Cultural Appropriation" Illegal Worldwide

A meeting of the U.N. World Intellectual Property Organization (File photo)

U.S. Student, Detained in North Korea, Returns Home with Severe Brain Injury

American Otto Warmbier in tears after being sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea in January 2016

U.N. Economist Charged With Underpaying Household Worker From Bangladesh

Hamid Rashid (left), speaking at a UN meeting, December 10, 2015

Haley calls for UN resolution to condemn Hamas as terrorist organization

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley (File photo)

Legal Expert Slams Hypocrisy of UN's "Unprecedented" Israel Blacklist

Eugene Kontorovich delivering a statement slamming the hypocrisy of the U.N. Human Rights Council in singling out Israel for a "blacklist" of companies doing business in the West Bank

The United Nations should ditch its anti-Israel bias

U.N. Special Coordinator for the Middle East Process Nickolay Mladenov briefs the Security Council next to the Palestinian representative (File photo)

Otto Warmbier, American student detained in North Korea for 17 months, dies

Otto Warmbier, an American student, being taken away handcuffed by North Korean soldiers (File photo)

PLO Threatens to Go to ICC - to Protect Terrorist Salaries

The International Criminal Court, The Hague

Officer Killed in Jerusalem Terror Attack

Hadas Malka, the Israeli officer killed in the terror attack in the Old City of Jerusalem on June 16, 2017

If We Can't Dismantle UNRWA, Here's How We Can Reform It

An UNRWA school holding a ceremony honoring and celebrating Palestinian stabbing attacks against Israelis

Terror-Supporting Qatar at Home at the UN

The Qatar Lounge at UN Headquarters in New York

ISIS Child Soldier Tortured, Taught How to Behead ISIS Enemies

Akram, a prisoner of ISIS for two and a half years, who was forced into becoming a child soldier

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