Iran detains Jesus actor and two other artists

A still from the Iranian "Jesus" film

At UN Netanyahu Challenges 'Brazen Lies' Told by Obama and Abbas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

UN "Human Rights" Council backs Cuban idea of an "equitable international order"

Alfred de Zayas, UN "Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order"

Somali Militants Stone Woman to Death

Somali al Shabaab militants

UN in Geneva Holds Three Events Demonizing Israel in One Day

Rania Madi, UN-NGO BADIL defended Hamas & the "Palestinian resistance"

Ongoing meticulous examination of Palestinian Gaza death toll reveals 50% terrorists

Iyad Nasr Abdo Shurab, 24, PIJ Al-Quds Battalions operative. Killed in Khan Yunis, July 26, 2014

New UN "expert" on Israel starts where antisemitic UN "expert" Richard Falk left off

Makarim Wibisono, new UN expert on the "situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967"

Obama administration praises weak UN resolution on LGBT rights

Gay rights activists march with flags and placards during a May Day rally in St. Petersburg, Russia on May 1, 2014.

Pro-Democracy Protests Shake Hong Kong

Crowds dispersed after police fired tear gas on pro-democracy demonstrators near the Hong Kong government headquarters

Obama administration supports UN resolution praising human rights in Yemen, as it warns Americans to leave the country

A checkpoint manned by Shiite Muslim rebels near the United States Embassy in Sana. An affiliate of Al Qaeda said it fired a rocket toward the embassy on September 27, 2014.

UN's Top Human Rights Body Holds Another Grotesque Anti-Israel Extravaganza

Flavia Pansieri, UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, blames Israel for Palestinians drowned by human traffickers

Palestinian UN diplomat compares Gaza to Hiroshima

Adel Atieh, Counselor, Mission of Palestine to the UN

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