America and the International Criminal Court

The International Criminal Court (File photo)

'I lost consciousness': woman whipped by the Taliban over burqa without veil

Woman in Afghanistan (File photo courtesy Steve Evans)

Trump defends and protects Israel from International Criminal Court

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) with President Trump (File photo courtesy Getty)

Brazilian President Bolsonaro: Brazil will vote 'in line' with Israel, U.S. at U.N. "Human Rights" Council

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro during a visit at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial museum in Jerusalem on April 2, 2019 (Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90)

3 Gazans caught entering Israel; one of them armed with a knife

Rioters along the Gazan border (File photo courtesy AP)

What Happens to Palestinians Who Demand a Better Life?

Mohammed Safi (right) reportedly lost his eyesight while being held in a Hamas prison. (Image sources: Mohammed Safi - Ahmed Safi/Facebook; Hamas gunmen - Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Police car firebombed in Jerusalem

Israeli police car (Illustrative)

5 Killed in Protests Against Sudan's President

Sudanese demonstrators in a protest demanding Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir step down in Khartoum, Sudan, April 6, 2019 (Reuters)

Diplomats at the U.N. commit antisemitic acts

United Nations General Assembly (File photo)

Palestinian Terrorist Tries to Stab Israelis Stuck in Traffic Jam

The scene of an attempted stabbing attack in the northern West Bank, April 3, 2019. (Courtesy)

U.N. Reports on IDF response to Hamas are misguided and pose serious concerns

Palestinian rioters along the Gaza border (File photo, courtesy AP/Adel Hana)

7 Israelis injured, including 2 infants, in Palestinian rocket attack on central Israel

A home in the central Israeli town of Mishmeret, which was destroyed in a Palestinian rocket attack from the Gaza Strip on March 25, 2019. (Israeli Fire and Rescue Services)

The Trump Effect Saves U.S. Soldiers From Runaway Prosecutors

The International Criminal Court (File photo courtesy OSeveno/Wikimedia Commons)

The International Criminal Court crashes and burns over Afghanistan

The International Criminal Court (File photo)

ICC, Israel, U.S.: Now what? - analysis

The International Criminal Court (File photo)

Iranian woman who removed headscarf as public protest sentenced to 1 year in prison

Vida Movahed was arrested in 2017 after she took off her headscarf (AP/File)

Israeli police find two M-16 guns, bullets in Palestinian car with small children

Weapons found in the Palestinian car (Israeli Police Spokesperson Unit)

Saudi Arabia arrests activists supporting women's rights, including 2 U.S. citizens

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (Courtesy Bandar Algaloud/Andalou Agency)

Trump exposes United Nations as world's epicentre for Jew-hatred

United Nations Headquarters (Courtesy United Nations)

Palestinians launch five rockets at Israel after day of unrest, two 8-year-old Gazans cross Israeli border armed with a knife

An IDF soldier sits with a pair of Palestinians children who crossed into Israel from Gaza with a knife on March 30, 2019. (Screen capture/Twitter)

Brunei deems gay sex and adultery punishable with death by stoning

Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah (File photo, courtesy Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images)

Gaza terrorists launch at least ten rockets toward Israel

A home in the southern town of Sderot is hit by shrapnel from a rocket attack launched by terror groups in the Gaza Strip on March 25, 2019. (Meital Adri/Sderot Online)

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