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While the UN devotes its human rights operations to the demonization of the democratic state of Israel above all others and condemns the United States more often than the vast majority of non-democracies around the world, the voices of real victims around the world must be heard.

Palestinian Authority/Gaza, September 17, 2018

Palestinian incendiary balloon with hand grenade attached lands in Western Negev, Israel

Original source

The Jerusalem Post

An incendiary balloon with a hand grenade attached to it landed in Western Negev on Monday, causing no injuries.

Police volunteers overseeing traffic on Route 232 saw it land and, upon discovering the attached hand grenade, called police teams that disarmed the device.

Police warned the public against approaching balloons and kites due to the risk explosives might be attached to them.

An incendiary balloon landed in the yard of the residency of Knesset Member Haim Jelin [Yesh Atid] in Kibbutz Be'eri on Saturday.

"They [the Palestinians] are still at it," he said in a statement, "there is no agreement."

Gaza residents took to using incendiary balloons and kites against Israel since late March. This strategy lead to NIS 5 million in damages and 5,000 agriculture dunams burnt, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon stated in June, Channel 10 news reported.

While there was a decrease of incendiary kites and balloons launched into Israel in late August the number had been steadly rising in September. This comes despite Hamas statements they are not looking to start a war with Israel.