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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, August 21, 2017

Police foil stabbing attack in central Israel and arrest suspect for inciting terror on Facebook

Original source

Israel Hayom

A 21-year-old Palestinian from the West Bank city of Tulkarem was indicted Monday for planning a terrorist attack in the central city of Netanya.

The Petach Tikva Magistrates' Court granted the police's motion and remanded the suspect for four days.

According to available details, police noticed the suspect loitering in a Netanya street early Sunday. They searched him and found a knife. He was arrested and during his questioning admitted to planning a stabbing attack.

In a separate incident on Sunday, the Southern District Attorney's Office filed an indictment against Sami al-Huzail, 36, from the Negev Bedouin city of Rahat, for conspiracy to commit a terrorist attack.

Huzail was arrested following a July social media post in which he threatened to commit murder and expressed his desire to become a martyr by carrying out an attack against Jews.

"Maybe these are my last words on Facebook. I will do everything to make people about me as a hero, or as a war leader, who died protecting the honor of our land, the honor of Islam and the sanctities of Islam," he wrote.

In a private message he sent afterward to his cousin, Huzail clarified that the post refers to the "killing of Jews."

In the post, he also wrote, "I will do it soon," and added, "I thank Dad for his support. [I will be] a martyr, God willing."

The indictment said the claim of support was false, and was knowingly done to cause Huwail's father harm.

The Southern District Attorney's Office released a statement saying, "The indictment is a direct continuation of efforts to show zero tolerance for publishing Facebook posts that indicate an intention to commit terrorist attacks."