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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, August 13, 2017

Guard hurt in terrorist stabbing spree in Jerusalem

Original source

YNet News

A Jerusalem Light Rail security guard was lightly wounded in Jerusalem on Saturday by a female Palestinian terrorist who went on a stabbing spree at the Damascus Gate light rail station.

The terrorist was neutralized by security forces, and the wounded security guard, a 31-year-old Arab Christian resident of east Jerusalem, was evacuated to Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem police said the terrorist arrived at the crossing between Haim Bar-Lev Boulevard and Sultan Suleiman Street in Jerusalem, next to the Damascus Gate light rail station just before 11:40 a.m. Holding a knife in her hand, she began walking quickly toward an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man. As she closed in on him, she brandished the knife and tried to stab him with it several times. The haredi man fortunately managed to escape and avoid injury.

The terrorist did not give up, however, and continued immediately to the nearby station, where she zeroed in on the security guard and stabbed him in his arm. At this stage, Israel police officers and Border Police forces at the scene managed to overpower the terrorist and subdue her. She was subsequently taken into custody for questioning.

Yosef Kelman, a senior Magen David Adom emergency medical technician, said on Saturday that "when we arrived at the bus parking lot [by Damascus Gate] we saw a fully conscious 31-year-old man. He was pacing and had sustained a stab wound on his arm. A police officer who was at the scene had administered first aid. We gave him [further] medical treatment, which included stopping the bleeding and putting bandaging the wound, and then we evacuated him to the hospital in stable condition."

After the attack, police forces raided the terrorist's home in Sur Baher, a neighborhood in southeastern Jerusalem. During the search, a computer and a number of documents were found that were later handed over to police investigators.

The police said all evidence obtained by investigators points to clear intent by the terrorist to harm innocent people.

The police stated that "the quick, immediate and decisive response of the forces on the ground is a result of our operational preparedness throughout Jerusalem."