Human Rights Voices

While the UN devotes its human rights operations to the demonization of the democratic state of Israel above all others and condemns the United States more often than the vast majority of non-democracies around the world, the voices of real victims around the world must be heard.

Palestinian Authority/Gaza, August 11, 2016

Jewish Man Hurt in Stabbing in Jerusalem

A 26-year-old Jewish man was lightly-to-moderately wounded in a stabbing at the East Jerusalem neighborhood of At-Tur on Thursday afternoon, while his attacker managed to get away.

Police said the young man, who was leaving the Mount of Olives cemetery and heading towards the bus stop, was attacked and pushed to the ground, apparently by an Arab, and stabbed in the back and neck, reportedly with a screwdriver. The attacker then fled the scene.

The wounded man boarded a bus that drove to the nearby police and Border Police post near Beit Hahoshen, where he got off and reported the incident to the officers. They gave him initial medical treatment and called Magen David Adom to provide him with further care, as well as additional police force to search for the attacker.

The man arrived at the Hadassah Medical Center at Jerusalem's Mount Scopus for treatment in light and stable condition.