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While the UN devotes its human rights operations to the demonization of the democratic state of Israel above all others and condemns the United States more often than the vast majority of non-democracies around the world, the voices of real victims around the world must be heard.

Palestinian Authority/Gaza, April 3, 2016

Palestinian Woman Stabs, Injures Israeli Woman

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A female attacker stabbed and lightly wounded an Israeli woman at the Rosh HaAyin industrial area on Sunday afternoon.

The attacker, a 23-year-old resident of Kafr Qasem, was subdued by a security guard who was nearby and arrested with no shots fired. A second knife was found in the attacker's possessions.

Security camera footage reveals what happened during the attack, showing at least 10 civilians surrounding the stabber and throwing objects at her, and two drivers blocking her path with their vehicles so she could not get away.

The man who subdued the attacker said that while driving his car, he noticed "two girls fighting, and then I realized one of them had a long knife in her hand." He stopped his car and overpowered the attacker. He was later questioned by police.

The victim, a 30-year-old woman from Kfar Saba, suffered deep stab wounds to her hand and was taken to the Beilinson Hospital at the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva. She is expected to be discharged later in the day.

"I was leaving a work meeting on HaMelacha Street when all of a sudden the terrorist appeared in front of me," the wounded woman said. "She came close and suddenly I felt pain, like a fist to the hand. I saw she had a large knife. She looked like an Arab woman and was wearing a head covering.... the terrorist didn't yell anything, she just raised her hand in front of me and started stabbing me over and over again. I hurled my bag at her and yelled really loudly but she kept stabbing me until other people came and tried to fight her off. I fell to the floor, pushed her a few times, and then people started chasing her and I didn't see the rest."

The woman said the knife "cut through my muscle and there was a lot of blood. It was scary, and it mostly could have ended worse."

"I couldn't imagine something like this could happen to me in Rosh HaAyin. I'm still in shock that I joined the statistics" of terror victims, she added.

Police are investigating the motives behind the stabbing.

Sunday afternoon, a young Palestinian aroused the suspicion of Border Policemen stationed at the hitchhiking stop near Tapuach Junction in the West Bank. As he was making his way towards those at the stop, he was asked by them to stop, and he then pulled out a knife on them. The Border Policemen managed to overpower him and he was brought in for interrogation. No weapons were fired and there were no injured.