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Resources updated between Monday, September 30, 2013 and Sunday, October 06, 2013

October 4, 2013

Saudi religious police

"It was Saudi National Day. Many of the people in the street were euphoric. All of the religious zealots were outraged. The former were celebrating...The latter were watching the Will of God being challenged...Most zealots in Saudi Arabia have no formal authority...But there are about 4000 of those who are employees in a government institution whose mandate is to fight sin. They work in The Committee for Promotion of Virtue and The Prevention of Vice. In Saudi Arabia it is called 'the committee' while popular foreign media calls them 'the religious police.' All of the committee's members were aware that the government...makes an exception as to what is publicly allowed on National Day. They knew that they should not take action against the 'sins' committed on that day. But self-control is not a quality zealots are known for...[T]here was a car chase between the committee and another car...[T]he committee's car rammed the other one which lost control and went off a bridge. One driver was immediately killed. The second died later in hospital. They were brothers..."

God's modern agents: the Saudi religious police Human Rights Voices

October 2, 2013

Flawed UN General Assembly

The UN General Assembly has elected the executive members of its major committees to serve from now until September 2014. It is a window into why the UN of the 21st century - which has no criteria for membership even for its leadership positions - does not have the moral authority which it claims.

Here are some of this year's crop:
UN General Assembly First Committee, (Disarmament and International Security) Chair: Libya; Rapporteur: Iran
UN General Assembly Third Committee, (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural) Vice-Chair: Lebanon
UN General Assembly Sixth Committee, (The Legal Committee), Chair: Sri Lanka Vice-Chair: Egypt
And on the permanent list to serve as UN General Assembly Vice-Presidents are China and Russia.

So the lawless terrorist base of Libya presides over the committee on international security, nuke-seeking Iran is on the executive of the committee charged with disarmament, Hezbollah-dominated Lebanon is on a top spot on the human rights committee and international law meetings will be run be two countries where the rule of law is a challenge (to say the least).

As General Debate Concludes, Prime Minister Urges Relentless Pressure On Iran, Vowing Israel Will Never Accept Nuclear Weapons In Hands Of 'Rogue Regime' Development