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Resources updated between Monday, September 16, 2013 and Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 22, 2013

September 20, 2013

Anne Curry interviews President Rouhani

As President Obama would have it, Hassan Rouhani, the new president of Iran, is a moderate. The president is leading Americans to believe that, to borrow Secretary-General Kofi Annan's description of butcher Saddam Hussein, here is a man "with whom we can do business." Well actually....In a September 18, 2013 interview with NBC's Ann Curry, Rouhani was asked whether the Holocaust happened. He replied, "I'm not an historian." Asked about his predecessor's claim that Israel should be wiped off face of earth, Rouhani said "we believe in the ballot box," meaning millions of Palestinians should be allowed to return to Israel and wipe out a Jewish state by outvoting them. Rouhani also talked to Curry about "pressure groups" (nudge, nudge, wink, wink: those Jews) influencing countries like America. But never mind all that. The Obama administration appears positively breathless in anticipation of the New York rollout of "moderate" Rouhani. So this week President Obama reduced his demand on Iran to a fraction of what is actually required to prevent an Iranian nuke. On September 17 he told Telemundo that Iran would have to demonstrate "that it's not trying to weaponize nuclear power." Allowing Iran to move within a trigger finger of such weaponization gives the United States no capacity to stop it before it happens. We don't even have the capacity to verify whether they have weaponized, once we allow them to get too close to it. Israelis are charitably saying, publicly, that Iran is stalling for time. The truth is, President Obama is stalling for time.

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September 19, 2013

September 18, 2013

Iran President Rowhani

Courtesy of the United Nations, and the ONE U.N. New York hotel, the Iranian diplomatic assault team will hit New York City early next week. We know one thing about this offensive already. The standing of President Obama on the world stage, in the wake of his Syria fiasco, is going to go from very bad to much worse. In theory, President Obama could play it straight instead of getting played. He could challenge Rouhani's bona fides directly. He could point to the sham Iranian election in which 686 candidates registered, eight were approved, and every woman disqualified. He could describe the horrific human rights abuses suffered by Iranians today, detail the nuclear centrifuges still spinning their way to weapons of mass destruction under its new president, and spell out Rouhani's hand in training Syrian President Assad's murderous thugs. But he will not. President Obama will mount the podium and demonstrate that the past is prologue. He will repeat variations of his speech to the General Assembly in 2009: "I am committed to diplomacy that opens a path to greater prosperity and a more secure peace for [Iran] if...[it] lives up to [its] obligations." Speaking in Jerusalem on September 15, 2013, Secretary Kerry made another unscripted statement that President Obama was quickly forced to realign with his foreign policy. Said Kerry: "We cannot have hollow words in the conduct of international affairs." To which the president replied: Yes, we can.

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September 17, 2013

September 16, 2013

U.S. Ambassador to UN Samantha Power

Obama UN Ambassador Samantha Power is following closely in Susan Rice's ignominious footsteps. She told Americans today, that "the US and Russia have agreed to support a Security Council resolution...We also agreed, as you know, that in the event of Syria's non-compliance, unauthorized transfer or chemical weapons use by anyone, that we will impose measures under Chapter VII." [Chapter VII are the provisions of the UN Charter allowing the use of force as an enforcement tool.]

But Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said today that his country has agreed to no such thing. Reuters reports: "In Moscow, Lavrov said any rush to draw up a resolution threatening to punish Syria in the event of non-compliance showed a "lack of understanding" of the deal."

Power, however, did not let the facts get in her way. She told reporters: "we are determined to have an enforceable and binding resolution that obliges the Syrians to comply and beyond also to underscore how important the threat of force has been to bringing us to this moment, a rare moment of promise, at the Security Council, after two and a half years of deadlock and paralysis."

Actually, the deadlock and paralysis at the Security Council continue. Unless, of course, the White House agrees to whatever Russia demands.

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