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Resources updated between Monday, August 12, 2013 and Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 16, 2013

Ban Ki-Moon visits grave of Arafat

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has been visiting Israel in a coordinated tag team effort with Secretary Kerry. Their point is to pile on the pressure on Israel resulting from Kerry's faux "peace" talks.

During his trip Ban is reported to having admitted to an inquiring Israeli student that at the UN "there was a biased attitude towards the Israeli people and Israeli government," He said it was "an unfortunate situation."

So what did he about this "unfortunate situation?" Ban "visited the grave of former President Yasser Arafat to lay a wreath." The photo of the Secretary-General bowing before the terrorist who rejected a Jewish state until the day he died is worth a thousand words.

Ban's Trip Through Israel: Secretary-General Visits Grave of Yasser Arafat Photo

August 15, 2013

Rosh Hashanah

The UN has revealed - again - its ugly anti-Jewish bias by issuing an invitation to members of "civil society" and NGOs to attend an "interfaith" meeting on one of Judaism's holiest days of the year, Rosh Hashanah. The advertised description for the UN's high-level meeting reads in part: "panel discussion [on] 'The role of interfaith cooperation in promoting a global Culture of Peace.'" Apparently "peace" and "interfaith" dialogue on UN terms excludes Jews. In sharp contrast, the UN has no problem paying close attention to Muslim holidays. The UN system, including UN Headquarters, shuts down on Muslim holidays "Eid al-Fitr" and "Eid al–Adha." The published 2013 UN calendar even adds the word "observed" only after the Muslim holiday closure.

United Nations High Level Forum on The Culture of Peace Development

August 12, 2013

Vitaly Churkin, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to UN

Russia is running for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council. The laughable process to select members of the UN's top human rights body involves pledging to care about human rights. So here's the Russian pledge: "The Russian Federation believes that the foundation for the human rights dimension of United Nations activities and for the international community's human rights efforts as a whole should be the principle of equitable cooperation among States based on respect for their sovereignty." [ed. translation: The Syrians are sovereign, give or take 100,000 dead. The main rule for protecting human rights is "bud out, buzz off, get lost."]

With this pledge, Russia's election is assured.

Letter from the Permanent Representative of Russia addressed to the Secretary-General with "Position paper in connection with the candidature of the Russian Federation for election to the Human Rights Council for the period 2014-2016", A/68/155 Development