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Resources updated between Monday, July 22, 2013 and Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 23, 2013

Richard Falk

The UN's favorite antisemite and anti-American, Richard Falk, has penned a new offensive piece. This time Falk claims that Jews have no historical ties to the land of Israel and that the country is a foreign implant. Says Falk, Israel is a "colonial attempt to offset the failure to protect Jews from Nazi genocide at the expense of the Arab world." Falk also maintains that violence is the only effective way to remove the Jewish foreigners and to make room for the Arab natives. In his words: "a peaceful resolution of the Israel/Palestine conflict is necessary but impossible." His long list of fabrications now includes that most Palestinian leaders are prepared to accept territorial compromise w/ Israel. The Obama administration has consistently failed to put forward any resolution at the Human Rights Council requiring Falk's removal from office and he continues to speak and write as a UN "expert."

Rethinking Foreign Occupation, an Interview with Richard Falk Article

Rosemary DiCarlo

Major UN meetings are providing clear evidence that President Obama's foreign policy priority is applying pressure to Israel. The Security Council held an open debate on the "situation in the Middle East." And straight from the mouth of America's acting UN ambassador came this: "I will begin with Middle East peace before turning to Syria and Lebanon..." What could she mean? There are 100,000 dead and counting in Syria. Stability in the most populous Arab country, Egypt, is in jeopardy. And yet she didn't mean peace in Syria or Lebanon or Egypt. No, she meant "peace with Israelis and Palestinians." In case there was any doubt about the identity of the anti-Israel partners involved in Sec. Kerry's Israel-first initiative, acting U.S. Amb. DiCarlo named them: "this diplomatic effort would not have been possible without strong international support. The Arab Peace Initiative Follow-Up Committee, the Quartet envoys...The Secretary General, European partners...also weighed in..." Recall that those Arab "peace" partners don't recognize a Jewish state, the Russian members of the Quartet are siding with Iran and Syria, the Europeans think Hezbollah is a part-time terror organization, and the UN is the official headquarters of global antisemitism. Obama's representative then threatened Israel on settlements - it was indirect, but everyone knew exactly what she meant by demanding no "unilateral actions." After dealing with the pressing global issue of Jews building and peacefully living in apartments, Amb. DiCarlo said: "Turning to Syria..."

Remarks by Ambassador Rosemary A. DiCarlo, Acting U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, At a Security Council Open Debate on the Situation in the Middle East Article

July 22, 2013

Scars from a Sinai victim

Morsi's legacy included a Sinai where the murderers of the Egyptian military went unpunished and life became a living hell. The Washington Times reports on life in lawless Sinai: "Egypt's lawless Sinai Peninsula is a living hell for thousands of refugees from sub-Saharan Africa who are being kidnapped and tortured by a network of rapacious human traffickers. Most of the refugees are Eritrean Christians; others are from Ethiopia and Sudan."We have an idea about hell from the Bible," said Yonas Habte, a 32-year-old Eritrean Pentecostal Christian who was trapped by the traffickers. "In Sinai, I saw hell."

Egypt: 'In Sinai, I Saw Hell'; Refugees Are Easy Prey For Brutal Human Traffickers Human Rights Voices

Lebanese Soliders guard military court

More human rights voices ignored by the UN, this time in Lebanon. "A local human rights organization is alleging that the case of Faisal Moqalled, convicted for collaborating with Israel in 2009, was a fabrication of Hezbollah and Lebanese Army Intelligence, a charge denied by the military. The group made the claims Thursday in a report which assessed the body of evidence compiled against Moqalled after carrying out its own investigation. The case of Moqalled, the group maintained, illustrated the consequences of arbitrary detention and torture, which, according to the Lebanese Center for Human Rights, affected the majority of people in 2011 and 2012. 'We have been hearing about [forced confessions under torture] for 30 years. If he hadn't done anything, he wouldn't have confessed,' a spokesperson for the Lebanese Army told The Daily Star."

Convicted Israel Collaborator Confessed Under Torture, NGO Says Human Rights Voices