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Resources updated between Monday, June 10, 2013 and Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 14, 2013

Ban Ki-moon with Barack Obama

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon evidently doesn't trust President Obama, who was recently dragged into finally admitting that Syria has used chemical weapons. Obama's assessment isn't "independent or impartial" according to the UN chief. That much-touted UN initiative to send an investigative team to Syria "within 24 hours" went nowhere, so the SG is saying crimes against humanity are still a would-be thing: "Our goal remains a fully independent and impartial inquiry...The use of chemical weapons by any party would be a crime against humanity...I again urge the Syrian Government to grant Dr. Sellström's team the access we have long sought."

UN chief reiterates call on Syria to allow on the ground probe of chemical weapons use Development

June 12, 2013

Richard Falk

The New York Times headline reads: "Palestinian Rights Investigator Says He Will Not Resign, Despite Criticism." And it quotes American Jewish Committee's UN Watch and Obama administration ambassador Eileen Donahoe as having "called for him to quit." Surprise. Falk responded: "I don't intend to resign, and there doesn't seem to be any formal initiative that is seeking my dismissal." Indeed, Falk exposes what is simply a show of jumping up and down - that consists of begging him to take action against himself. If the Obama administration was serious about getting rid of Falk, it could have introduced a no confidence resolution at the UN Human Rights Council removing him from his post, and it could have declared to other Council members that the United States intended to leave the Council if the resolution didn't pass. It could clearly explain that the United States would no longer legitimate a "human rights" body that legitimated "human rights expert" Falk. But it did none of those things. Instead, with the help of the NYT we know they're really really upset.

Palestinian Rights Investigator Says He Will Not Resign, Despite Criticism Article

June 11, 2013

Richard Falk, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories

Direct from Geneva, UN Human Rights Council. June 10. Anne Bayefsky responds to the terrorist's friend Richard Falk, as the Council hosts an "interactive dialogue" with the UN "expert."

Bayefsky Reveals the Madness of the UN Human Rights Council, in Tweets Article