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Resources updated between Monday, April 29, 2013 and Sunday, May 05, 2013

May 3, 2013

Atheist activist Imad Iddine Habib

Writings from the Council of Ex-Muslims Human Rights Voices

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and her UN Human Rights Council colleagues are at it again - this time putting out a press release stating that U.S. business and labor practices are apparently inconsistent with international human rights standards. The result is from a 10-day visit to the US of the so-called UN "Working Group on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises." The chair of the group is from Russia - a country where corruption and intimidation are a way of life. The other four members are from Malaysia, Columbia, Ghana and Denmark. The OHCHR press release headline reads: "US: Despite progress significant challenges to address adverse business impacts on human rights". The UN also issued a second press release which says: "The UN experts heard allegations of significant and widespread labour practices that, if correct, would be both illegal under US laws, as well as fall below international standards," the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) said in a news release."

US faces gaps in protecting human rights in business activities – UN experts Development

Police officers detain a Femen activist in Paris

The feminist group Femen has thrown off the shackles of political correctness and challenged Muslim "feminists." Says Femen leader Inna Shevchenko: "The idea of a Muslim feminist is oxymoronic." In a public debate with a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf, she said: "If you're a feminist, if you're for liberation, then be brave [enough] to say that we are against that and take off your scarf until the moment that your scarf will not be a symbol of crime." Femen is currently organizing protests in defense of 19-year-old Amina Tyler, a Tunisian Muslim who posted on Femen's Facebook Tunisia page topless photos of herself, with the words, in Arabic, scrawled across her chest, "My Body Belongs to Me and Is Not the Source of Anyone's Honor." Amina was subsequently brutalized by her family, escaped and is now in hiding.

Topless Jihad: Why Femen Is Right Human Rights Voices

A UN committee wrapped up its meeting in Ethiopia with a press release summarizing the remarks of its invited guests. They included: Israel is like apartheid South Africa. "Palestinian leaders are urged to pressure Israel." "Hail the BDS [boycott, divestment, sanctions] movement." The praiseworthy BDS movement has achieved more in 8 years than the South Africa anti-apartheid movement did in 20 years. "Strategies to isolate Israel [are] wise." And support "Stop the JNF" [Jewish National Fund] campaign. Palestinian UN representative, Riyadh Mansour, finished off the demonize-and-destroy-Israel-with-a-little-help-from-the-UN meeting with an appeal to all countries to "deny entry" to Israelis living in settlements.

Africa's Support, Anti-Apartheid Strategies, Role of Donor Aid in Achieving Palestinian Independence (Press Release), GA/PAL/1268 Development

One of 260,000 tragedies

The UN's "Famine Early Warning System" has just reported that 260,000 Somalis starved to death over the last two years (2010-2012). "The U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Organization said...the "true enormity of this human tragedy" emerged for the first time from the study." The UN's idea of "early" warning.

Nearly 260,000 die in Somalia famine Article

May 2, 2013

Stephen Harper

The Canadian government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper has put into place the most principled foreign policy on the planet. For its troubles, the despots running Arab states are attempting to spend enormous amounts of money, not for the welfare of their own citizens or their brother Palestinian refugees, but to punish Canada for being too "pro-Israel." The latest attempt is Qatar's "gold-plated" offer to buy the UN's Aviation organization, which has been based in Canada since 1947. Qatar needs 60% of the 191 ICAO members to vote with it. Since a handful of Western democracies pay 75% + of the UN's bills, it wouldn't take much to shut this grotesque power play down before it started. So where is President Obama – or would he like to sell New York's UN Headquarters too?

Disgruntled Arab states look to strip Canada of UN agency Article

Palestinian Media Watch

In 1978, terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, led the "Coastal Road Massacre" in Israel, in which terrorists hijacked a bus and killed 37 civilians, among them 12 children. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has now joined the Palestinian Authority and Fatah in their glorification of this terrorist by sponsoring the annual Prince of Martyrs Abu Jihad Football Tournament, the official PA daily has reported.

UNDP sponsors tournament named after terrorist Abu Jihad Article

Iranians closer than ever to a bomb

The UN had a two-week meeting on nuclear non-proliferation with a long title attended by lots of Iranians with more long titles. Result: we're now two weeks closer to Iran's acquisition of nuclear weapons. Title: UN Preparatory Committee for the 2015 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Geneva, 22 April-3 May 2013. Iranian attendees: H.E. Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Akhonzadeh, Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs; Head of Delegation; H.E. Mr. Eshagh Al Habib, Director-General for International Political Affairs; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; H.E. Mr. Seyed Mohammad Reza Sajjadi, Ambassador Permanent Representative to the United Nations at Geneva; H.E. Mr. Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Ambassador Resident Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency; Mr. Mohammad Hassan Daryai, Counsellor Permanent Mission to the United Nations Office at Geneva; Mr. Ali Gholampour, Office for Disarmament and International Security Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mr. Ali Bagheri, Deputy Secretary Supreme National Security Council; Mr. Hamid Reza Asgari, Legal Advisor Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mr. Alireza Ahmadian, Expert Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Preparatory Committee for the 2015 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, NPT/CONF.2015/PC.II/INF/7 Development

May 1, 2013

Mona Seif, anti-semitic human rights activist

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are among two of the NGOs that have put "FuckIsrael" devotee Mona Seif on the final short list for the annual Martin Ennals Award. Ennals was the former Secretary-General of Amnesty. Here are some of Seif's human rights qualifications from her twitter account: "We the Egyptian ppl DO NOT WANT OUR GAS TO BE EXPORTED TO ISRAEL. Sinai ppl are our heroes everytime they blow up the pipelines #FuckISrael"" Or then there's this one (referring to the Palestinian baby actually killed by Hamas, and not Israel): "The Assholes they are killing kids while posing for pics as if it is a picnic!! #FUCKISRAEL #Gaza #Palestine."

#FuckIsrael human rights activist nominated for award Article

World Cup trophy visits Qatar

Desert heat: World Cup hosts Qatar face scrutiny over 'slavery' accusations Human Rights Voices

John Bolton

Former US UN Ambassador John Bolton clearly explains the workings of the UN Human Rights Council, in response to an interviewer's question on the UN's Richard Falk. Ambassador Bolton said: "What he said about the Boston Marathon bombing is unacceptable, for a U.S. citizen to say it let alone a U.S. citizen working for the United Nations...I'm all in favor of firing him sooner rather than later. But here's the sad news: He will be replaced with somebody else and it won't make a bit of difference. I think the culture at the United Nations is such that merely firing one guy will not change anything." Bolton's sage advice: "I think the thing for the United States to do is resign from the Human Rights Council....We should defund all the activities of the Human Rights Council and then maybe they will pay attention."

Bolton: US Should Resign from 'Clown Convention' at UN Article

Syrian rep Bashar Ja’afari

Syria's UN Ambassador held a press conference at UN Headquarters to clear up some apparent misinformation. First, "Syria would never use such [chem] weapons." Second, it's the UN's fault that their chemical weapons investigation team hasn't arrived in Syria or started its work. Third, from now on we should refer to "so-called chemical weapons of the Syrian government." And last, but not least, "Israel's nuclear arsenal ha[s] become a major threat to the region and the world." So there you have it. Making stuff up and diverting attention to Israel has always worked well at UN events in the past, why stop now.

Press Conference by Permanent Representative of Syria Development

Chad refugees

Here's just some of what the UN reported in Geneva on Tuesday: "Around 4.25 million people were now displaced inside Syria, and over 1.4 million Syrians had fled into neighboring Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt. Nearly half of the displaced and refugee populations were children." And also: "Some 25,000 Chadian migrants were currently stranded...on Chad's eastern border with Sudan, after fleeing inter-communal fighting between two Arab tribes...In Chad's southern border with the Central African Republic, UNHCR has reported that more than 5,000 refugees had entered...Many of the migrants who arrived at Chad's border entry points were in a wretched condition, suffering from health problems including respiratory infections, severe dehydration and wound infections." But there is one UN refugee agency for Palestinians - people kept as "refugees" for three or more generations, and refused citizenship, permanent status, equal benefits and integration in every Arab state. And there is one refugee agency for all other human beings in the rest of the world - people who are suffering right now from the worst forms of deprivation and abuse. Refugee politics, not human rights.

Regular Press Briefing by the Information Service in Geneva Development

April 30, 2013

Bill Hambrecht, Pelosi pal and Falk sponsor

On April 29, 2013 UN Human Rights Council's "expert" Richard Falk was in Beirut, Lebanon receiving an honor named after none other than one of the biggest Democratic money men in California, Bill Hambrecht. Falk was the guest speaker in "the Bill and Sally Hambrecht Distinguished Peacemakers Lectures" at the American University of Beirut. The advertisement of the lecture makes no attempt to cover up his anti-American agenda. The "war on terror" appears in quotation marks. United States involvement in Iraq is referred to as an "occupation." Western support for the Libyan uprising and protection of its civilian population from Kaddafi's thugs is labeled a "deception." So when did Bill Hambrecht learn that this notorious anti-American antisemite was the invitee in the lecture series he financed? And will Nancy Pelosi's pal do something to object to the chosen recipient of an honor in his name?

Richard Falk speaks at AUB Article

Richard Falk addresses AUB audience

Terrorist sympathizer and UN Human Rights Council expert Richard Falk has been having busy week in the Hezbollah stronghold of Beirut, following his obscene remarks on the Boston terror attacks. On Thursday of last week he delivered the annual Constantine Zurayk Lecture at the American University of Beirut. He entitled his speech "Rethinking the Future of Palestine: Beyond the Two State Consensus," and argued against the two-state solution for ending the Palestinian Arab-Israeli conflict because at this moment in time it is "obsolete." Iranian TV has now posted a video about Falk's performance. Similar to the justifications he made for "resistance" at the time of the Boston terror attacks, Press TV reports that Falk "praised the resistance of the Palestinian people, considering it as the only means to address their suffering....Dr. Falk argued that...the only way to address the ordeal of the Israeli occupation is through global mobilization of support for the resistance...." In addition to direct support for terrorism – aka "resistance" – Falk told the reporter: "Israel can't live in peace and security with its neighbors...It is a pariah state endangering the Middle East...and the U.S. is an accomplice." Zurayk was a well-known Arab nationalist who spent his career arguing how the battle against Israel can be won and giving directions for "the road to final and complete victory." He is heralded for coining the term "al-nakba" – the now entrenched reference to the creation of the state of Israel as a "catastrophe." Some call him the grand-daddy of the insidious political plan of "catastrophology." It is clear why Falk would be the recipient of the Zurayk honor.

UN Rapporteur: Israel endangering whole Middle East region Article

Richard Falk in Beirut

On April 25, 2013, UN terror apologist & "human rights expert" Richard Falk delivered the annual Constantine Zurayk Lecture in Beirut, Lebanon. Falk's abstract of his speech calls for an end of the Jewish state. To cut through the professorial b.s. - he supports ethnic cleansing. Here's part of his abstract: "The American University of Beirut is hosting a talk with Richard Falk on the topic of "Rethinking the Future of Palestine: Beyond the Two State Consensus", in Hostler Auditorium. Abstract:...a just peace depends either on a single secular Palestine for both peoples or a regional federation involving Arab neighbors that diminishes the relevance of state borders."

Talk with Richard Falk at AUB Article

Palestinian children playing beside Israeli settlement

After 65 years of rejecting the Jewish State of Israel, the UN Committee on Palestinian Rights continues its travels selling the story line that all Palestinian demands are urgent or else. It's now in Addis Ababa, with its seemingly unending supply of UN $$.

Israeli and Palestinian leaders must move beyond words and take concrete action on final status issues, Ban tells UN meeting Development

April 29, 2013

Ban Ki-moon pleads for access to Syria

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says first of all, he has no comment on the reported use of chemical weapons by Syria. Or more specifically, "the United Nations is not in a position to comment." Apparently, all those UN workers in Syria have "see no evil...." as part of their job description. Secondly, the SG said he really, really wants Syria to cooperate with the UN chemical weapons investigation. He even put out a radio clip about it.

Secretary-General reiterates call for Syria to grant access to UN fact-finding mission Development

Exploding Chernobyl

The UN says it has learned the lessons of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and made preparations to handle "other nuclear disaster situations worldwide" Is that why they're letting Iran acquire nuclear weapons?

Twenty-Seven Years after Chernobyl Tragedy, Secretary-General Says United Nations Committed to Standing By Victims, Working For Greater Nuclear Safety (Press Release), SG/SM/14989 Development

Victim of Syria chemical warfare

The UN held a "Day of Remembrance for Victims of Chem Warfare." Syrian victims-to-be were hoping for more than premature remembrance. Instead, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon congratulated the organization for having "verifiably destroyed close to 80 per cent" of chemical warfare agents. A farcical spectacle of self-congratulation at exactly the same time that the world is on the edge of an unprecedented chemical weapons catastrophe, and the imminent threat of Al Qaeda et al acquiring Syria's stockpile.

Remembrance for Victims of Chemical Warfare 'Timely' (Press Release), SG/SM/14990 DC/3433 OBV/1211 Development

UN enjoys concert while Syria burns

The UN has thought of a new way to help Syrians. Have a concert thousands of miles in the opposite direction in New York. Bear in mind that the mandate of the organization is the protection of international peace and security. But short of that, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says: "The casualties are many and growing. We risk an entire generation of children being scarred for life. Tonight our thoughts are with the children of Syria. I hope the moving music on tonight's programme can help to move hearts and minds so we can end the suffering." The note not heard round the world.

With Entire Generation of Syrian Children at Risk of Being Scarred for Life, Secretary-General Urges Unified Position to Persuade Actors to Negotiate (Press Release), SG/SM/14986 Development

A video still showing teacher indoctrinating students in Jew hatred

Jew hatred at UN schools: A recently released video produced by the Center for Near East Policy Research examines Palestinian schools run by UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency). It reveals coexistence with Israel is not being taught to Palestinian children. Instead what they are learning is actually fomenting terror. UN degree in the art of antisemitism.

Jew hatred at UN schools Article