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Resources updated between Monday, March 25, 2013 and Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 29, 2013

Yoani Sánchez

Cuban UN representatives successfully convinced UN officials to change the room for a speaking engagement of a Cuban dissident. The new room was different from the one normally assigned for such events and too small for her audience. Yoani Sanchez was undeterred and told UN officials "it's time for the United Nations to 'come out of its lethargy and recognize that the Cuban government is a dictatorship.'" No chance of that, however.

Cuban Bullies at the U.N. Article

UN building in Beirut

UN official has "confirmed that the United Nations was to move half of its international staff outside of the Beirut and Cairo." In other words, they are going to observe the crimes against humanity from afar. Speaking about the UN investigator tasked in recent days with the job of determining whether chemical weapons have been used in Syria, a World Health Organization official said "the overall mandate of the mission had not yet been clarified." And why not?

Press Briefing - Geneva, Switzerland Development

March 28, 2013

UN Human Rights Council

After one of the all-time worst Israel-bashing sessions in the history of the UN Human Rights Council, the Obama administration released this statement: "U.S. leadership helped to keep the Council at the forefront of international efforts to promote and protect human rights." Later they added that the anti-Israel bias was a "challenge." Like telling Rosa Parks to sit down at the back and shut up because this bus is going places.

Key U.S. Outcomes at the UN Human Rights Council 22nd Session Development

Human Rights Watch Office in Moscow

Human rights authority Russia - which spent the last six years on the UN "Human Rights" Council - is now cracking down on international human rights NGOs operating in the country. Eight months ago, President Vladimir Putin signed a law demanding that NGOs which receive funding from abroad label themselves as "foreign agents". "Critics said the law was reminiscent of Soviet-era efforts to demonise foreigners and those "collaborating" with them." Now if only those same international human rights organizations spent as much time condemning Russia as they do Israel, maybe more people would care.

Russia raids human rights groups in crackdown on 'foreign agents' Document

UN Human Rights Council

The UN round-up of the latest session of the UN "Human Rights" Council says: "The Human Rights Council concluded its twenty-second regular session....after adopting two decisions, two Presidential statements, and 35 resolutions on a wide range of issues." Human rights for over 7 billion people the world over, and those "wide" range of issues? Six resolutions devoted to the condemnation of Israel alone. (And they call it "human rights.")

Human Rights Council Concludes 22nd Session After Adopting 39 Texts (Press Release) Development

UN observation post in the Golan Heights, Syria. UN Photo/Gernot Maier

The UN Security Council has been forced to voice its "deep concern" about aggressive action by Syrians (government and opposition) in the Golan Heights. Of course, they are particularly worried about "the increased risk the situation poses to United Nations personnel on the ground" including the firing on UN personnel and facilities, carjacking of UN vehicles and the detention of the 21 military personnel from the UN Disengagement Observer Force." Recall, that one week ago the UN "Human Rights" Council adopted a resolution on the "Syrian Golan" doing nothing but condemning Israel for preventing residents from returning to the idyllic Syrian "motherland." And the entire European Union refused to vote against that "human rights" travesty.

Syria: Security Council express 'grave concern' over presence of troops in Golan Heights Development

March 27, 2013

OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu

Organization of Islamic Cooperation circulates at the UN yet another statement "against" terrorism, that instead supports it. "We...draw distinction between acts of terrorism, being unequivocally unlawful and rejected, and the legitimate struggle for the right of self-determination by the people under foreign occupation and colonial or alien domination."

Cairo Final Communiqué of the 12th Session of the Islamic Summit Conference, A/67/742–S/2013/95 Development

Al Zaatri refugee camp in Jordan (Muhammed Hamed/Reuters)

Anti-Israel media and human rights groups face nuisance of handling the effects of the Syrian crisis on Palestinians, since violations of Palestinian human rights by their Arab brethren are a long-standing, but unreported issue.

Trapped: The Plight of Palestinian Refugees From Syria Article

United Arab Emirate Federal Supreme Court

Violations of elementary fair trial rights in United Arab Emirates: Where's the UN "human rights" council?

United Arab Emirates: Flagrant disregard of fair trial guarantees shown at UAE94 trial Article

Amir Ayad after he was allegedly beaten by Islamic hardliners (MidEast Christian News)

Egyptian mosque turned into house of torture for Christians after Muslim Brotherhood protest.

Egyptian mosque turned into house of torture for Christians after Muslim Brotherhood protest Document

Arab League

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon speaking to Arab League puts Israeli settlements on par with Syrian carnage.


Yasser Arafat

UN New York Headquarters screened - open to members of the public and anyone associated with the UN - a film on Yasser Arafat. The Chair of UN Committee introducing the film, called Arafat an "almost mythical figure," "tenacious fighter," "freedom fighter," and "man of peace." One more example of how terrorism is glorified and encouraged at the UN today.

Palestinian Rights Committee Chairman, presenting film on Yasser Arafat, says former leader's cause "more relevant than ever", GA/PAL/1260 Development

The UN "Ad-hoc Committee" established way back in 1996 to draft a comprehensive convention on international terrorism reconvenes this month in New York to "continue" its discussions. For more than a decade, the chief stumbling block has been the Organization of Islamic Cooperation's insistence that blowing up Israelis (and Americans supposedly interfering with "self-determination") doesn't count. There is no UN-agreed definition of terrorism as a result, and no progress is expected in the latest do-nothing round of talks.

Provisional Agenda of Ad-Hoc Committee to draft Comprehensive Convention on Terrorism (8-12 April 2013), A/AC.252/L.21 Development

March 26, 2013

Arrested Israeli Collaborator

Alleged Israel "collaborator" gets death sentence. Last week Palestinians offered $$ for "collaborators" to come forward. Trust issue, maybe?

Israel Collaborator Gets Death Sentence Document

A recent escaped slave in 2010 (CNN)

Top UN officials honor over 15 million victims of slave trade and call for end to remnants of slavery. But the General Assembly elected Mauritania to its top human rights body, the "Human Rights" Council. In Mauritania - says the U.S. state department's most recent report: "Continuing slavery, slavery-related practices, and trafficking in persons were central human rights problems."

Honouring over 15 million victims of slave trade, UN calls for end to remnants of slavery Development

March 25, 2013

Christian Pastor Saeed Abedini and family

Kerry "deeply concerned" by Christian pastor tortures in Iran Article

A Palestinian child

UN puts out press release with this headline: "UN agency deplores killing of five Palestinian children in Syria." Such special focus on the treatment of Palestinians in Syria, brings into sharp relief the unique resources at the disposal only of Palestinians at the UN.

UN agency deplores killing of five Palestinian children in Syria Development

UN continues to shelter its own in Haiti. UN personnel have infected 600,000 Haitians with cholera and left 8,000 dead. And still impunity.

U.N. hypocrisy in Haiti Article

Happy Mahmoud Abbas, President of PA

Congressional concerns about Palestinian intentions and move to declare statehood unilaterally against U.S. requests, isn't stopping the Obama administration from forking over your tax $$. $295 million in FY12 & $200 million in FY13 so far.

Palestinian Aid - State Department Article

IDF fires warning shots into Syria

Syrians Fire on Israelis in Golan Heights. UN Human Rights Council adopts resolution on saving Syrians from Israelis. UN disconnect from reality won't save lives in Syria.

IDF Destroyed Firing Post inside Syria, Warns UN of Escalation Article

Soldiers prepping for chemical warfare (illustrative photo)

Syria has sent a letter to the UN Security Council announcing that it "would never use any chemical weapons." Not only is the Syrian government not believable, but murdering tens of thousands of people in a different manner must seem to many inside Syria as a distinction without a difference. The letter also adds the qualifier "against its own people" - which is not what international prohibitions on the use of such weapons are intended to convey.

Letter from the Syrian Arab Republic to the UN Secretary-General and the Security Council, S/2013/172, 19 March 2013 Development