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Resources updated between Monday, March 02, 2020 and Sunday, March 08, 2020

March 4, 2020

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the 2020 AIPAC conference, March 2, 2020 (Screenshot)

Statement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: The U.N. "Human Rights" Council is antisemitic Article

March 3, 2020

Vice President Mike Pence at AIPAC conference, March 2, 2020 (screenshot)

Vice President Pence at AIPAC Conference: Anti-Zionism is antisemitism Article

March 2, 2020

The U.N. Human Rights Council (File photo)

The U.N. blacklist and a lesson on corporate responsibility Article

A rocket fired from Gaza (File photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Gaza rocket fired toward Israel Document