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February 9, 2019

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon (File photo)

"'Condemn the barbaric murder and act firmly against the PA's culture of terror' Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon demanded of the UN Security Council President on Friday.

Following the brutal murder of 19-year-old Ori Ansbacher, whose body was found in Ein Yael in Jerusalem on Thursday, Danon called for an urgent meeting with Anatolio Ndong Mba, the Equatorial Guinea ambassador to the United Nations, currently serving as the president of the Security Council, and demanded that the Council publicly condemn the terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

'The Security Council's silence will not help in this fight against terrorism, and will only allow the waves of hatred to grow unchecked,' said Danon, adding that 'while this silence continues, the PA maintains its policy of paying salaries for terrorists and educating its youth with incitement, and a 19-year-old girl was brutally murdered in Israel.

'The Security Council has the responsibility and moral duty to make a clear condemnation of this barbaric murder and to act firmly against the culture of terror in the Palestinian Authority, the very culture that undermines stability in the region and destroys innocent lives,' Danon concluded..."

Israeli Ambassador to the U.N.: Condemn Palestinian Authority's Terror in Light of Israeli Teen's Death Article

Friends and relatives at the funeral for the victim, Ori Ansbacher

Israeli police investigating the brutal murder of Israeli teen Ori Ansbacher in Jerusalem said on Saturday that forensic evidence unearthed at the scene of the crime led forces to the arrest of a Palestinian suspect Friday night.

Ansbacher, 19, was found dead in the woods at Ein Yael in south Jerusalem late Thursday, with what police said were "signs of violence," after she was reported missing earlier in the day.

Israeli security forces arrested the Palestinian suspect in Ramallah late Friday for the murder of Ansbacher, who Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said was killed with "shocking brutality," and police sources were quoted as saying had been stabbed multiple times in the upper torso.

Police said the forensic evidence at the scene tied the suspect to the murder "without question" and that there would be no need for a confession, according to a Channel 13 report Saturday. The arrest of the suspect was "very quiet," the police added.

Ansbacher's family was notified of the arrest over the course of Saturday.

The suspect, a Palestinian resident of Hebron, was taken for questioning by the Shin Bet security services after a raid in the West Bank's Ramallah/el-Bireh area on Friday night.

According to PA news outlet Wafa, IDF troops searched two residential buildings and the Jamal Abdel-Nasser Mosque, where a 30-year-old employee was arrested. The report said the Israeli troops confiscated security camera footage from the neighborhood, as well as from the mosque.

The raid sparked clashes with some local residents, who hurled rocks at the troops. The Palestinian Red Crescent said two Palestinians were treated for light injuries at hospitals in Ramallah.

A court-imposed gag order on the case was partially lifted Friday to reveal the suspect's arrest, but all other details of the murder investigation remain barred from publication.

Though a gag order has been imposed on most details, Israeli television reported Friday, there has been growing suspicion the killing was "nationalistic" - a term generally used to describe Palestinian terrorism.

Israel's envoy to the UN, Danny Danon, called on Friday for the Security Council to condemn the brutal murder, while accusing the Palestinian Authority of fostering a "culture of terror" that led to the killing.

The body of Ansbacher was found at Ein Yael, which lies between the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo and the West Bank village of Walaja. The murder has been described by Israeli authorities as brutal; Ansbacher was said to have been stabbed multiple times.

Ansbacher was buried in her hometown, the West Bank settlement of Tekoa, on Friday, and politicians from across the political spectrum issued statements of condolence.

"At this difficult hour we all embrace the Ansbacher family and the people of Tekoa. The security forces are investigating the murder - we will find those responsible for it, and we will bring the matter to justice," Netanyahu pledged.

Ansbacher was carrying out a year of national service at a youth center in Jerusalem at the time of her death.

Israeli girl murdered with "shocking brutality." Palestinian teenager arrested after finding of forensic evidence. Document

February 8, 2019

United Nations Headquarters

Budget Discipline at the U.N.? Not So Fast Article

A rally against Israel (File photo)

When anti-Semitism pretends to be just anti-Israel Article

A teacher in an UNRWA classroom (File photo)

Declassified U.S. document: Palestinian Authority schools teaching hate Article

February 7, 2019

February 6, 2019

Jailed Iranian attorney Mostafa Tork Hamadani (File photo)

Iranian Lawyers Condemn Tehran's Jailing of Colleague, Demand Release Document

A Free Iran rally in France opposing the Iranian regime (File photo)

Intercepted chats tie Iranian diplomat to alleged Paris terror plot, official says Article

An anti-Israel protest in Germany (File photo)

Israeli Ambassador to Germany urges Germany to change anti-Israel stance at U.N. Article

Senator Marco Rubio (File photo)

Marco Rubio: The Truth About B.D.S. and the Lies About My Bill Article

BDS supporters (File photo)

Bill To Counter Israel Boycott Movement Passes Senate Article

February 5, 2019

Igbo family mourns death of brother killed in 2017 attack

Crypto-Jews face genocide in Nigeria, separatist leader warns Document

February 4, 2019

Israeli soldiers operating at night (File photo)

Two Palestinian teenagers were shot as they attacked a group of Israeli soldiers at an army post in the northern West Bank on Monday night, the military said.

One of the assailants, a 19-year-old, was killed, and the second, 15, was seriously wounded, according to Palestinian health officials.

According to the Israel Defense Forces, the two threw an explosive device at soldiers guarding the Jalameh Crossing, near Jenin.

In response, the servicemen opened fire at the assailants.

No IDF soldiers were injured in the incident, the army said.

The Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance service said the attacker who was killed had been shot in the head. He was identified as Abed Allah Tawalbeh. The other was reportedly shot in the buttock and taken to a Jenin hospital for treatment.

Recent weeks have seen a number of attacks by Palestinians against Israeli security forces in the West Bank.

Last Wednesday, a Palestinian teenage girl was shot dead as she tried to stab an Israeli security officer at a checkpoint outside Jerusalem on Wednesday, police said.

The Palestinian girl was identified as Samah Mubarak, 16, from the nearby village of al-Ram, the Palestinian Authority's official Wafa news agency reported.

She was wounded and later pronounced dead, the West Bank's Palestinian health ministry said.

Two weeks ago, a Palestinian man attempted to carry out a stabbing attack against Israeli troops near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, but was shot dead, the Israel Defense Forces said.

On January 11, a Palestinian man also tried to stab Israeli troops in the West Bank city of Hebron, but he was shot and critically injured by the soldiers first, the army said.

December saw a significant increase in West Bank terror attacks, leading to the death of two IDF soldiers and a baby born prematurely after his mother was seriously wounded. At least 10 other civilians and soldiers were injured in the string of attacks.

Palestinian teens attack Israeli troops with bomb Document

An UNRWA-run school in Nablus

"January 28, 2019, marked the beginning of Holocaust Remembrance week at the United Nations. Speakers at the UN Holocaust Memorial Ceremony - "Holocaust Remembrance: Demand and Defend Your Human Rights" - all agreed that the lessons of the Holocaust must not be forgotten, and that Holocaust education is essential. But were their words representative of the deeds of this international body? Sadly, they were not.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres elegantly made the case for curbing hate, racism, and rising antisemitism. As he correctly pointed out, "Hate is moving into the mainstream, the demonization of others rages on. It is our duty to fight hate speech which leads to hate crimes." He emphasized that this must happen in the schools and that education is crucial. Yet hate-filled education continues to be provided to Palestinian children by UNRWA - an agency of the UN - making the UN complicit in this travesty. This must be corrected.
UNRWA has been responsible for the education of many hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children, and much of the education it has provided - or allowed to be provided - contains incitement and calls for the murder of innocent Jews and Israelis. Recent translations of the newest textbooks purchased by UNRWA from the Palestinian Authority, and supposedly vetted by UNRWA, are in blatant violation of UN standards. Instead of promoting peace, tolerance, and respect of the other, these books are fraught with antisemitism, demonization, calls for violence against 'the other' (Jews), and denial of a member-state's (Israel's) right to exist..."

When It Comes to UNRWA, the U.N.'s Holocaust Memorial Pledges are Meaningless Article