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Resources updated between Monday, October 06, 2014 and Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 10, 2014

October 9, 2014

Movie scene

"Activists and Christians are concerned over the whereabouts of three Christian artists detained in Iran, including an actor who played the role of Jesus in an Iranian language film on the life of Jesus Christ. Shahram Ghaedi, who starred in the Iranian "Jesus" film, and artists Heshmat Shafiei and Emad Haqi were reportedly taken into police custody September 27 in the city of Fooladshahr in Isfahan province.'Agents of the Iranian regime's Ministry of Intelligence and Security arrested' the three Christian men, said the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), a broad coalition of opposition groups who want to establish a secular democratic state."

Iran detains Jesus actor and two other artists Document

October 8, 2014

Ahmed Fayed

"Ahmed Fayed, 17, was stabbed to death on Sunday while attempting to rescue women from sexual harassment, reported activist group Shoft Ta7arosh ('I Saw Harassment'). According to local media reports, the young man was stabbed in the heart after intervening to stop the sexual harassment of a group of women in the town of Ra'as Al-Bar, located in the governorate of Damietta... Holiday seasons in Egypt are normally associated with a peak in sexual harassment. In 2012, security forces reported 727 cases of sexual harassment over Eid Al-Adha. Sexual harassment continues to be an epidemic in Egypt with almost 99 percent of women surveyed in a report released April 2013 by the United Nations in collaboration with Egypt's Demographic Centre and the National Planning Institute, have reported being sexually harassed."

Teenager killed in Egypt while defending women from sexual harassment Document

October 7, 2014

Iyad Nasr Abdo Shurab, 24, PIJ Al-Quds Battalions operative. Killed in Khan Yunis, July 26, 2014.

The findings to date

1. This document is the sixth in a series of publications of the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC), as part of a project examining the names of the Palestinians killed in Operation Protective Edge. The project's goal is to determine which of the fatalities are terrorist operatives and which are non-involved civilians, and to examine the ratio between them. The findings of our investigation so far (based on approximately 47% of the names of the dead) suggest that terrorist operatives constitute about 50% of the fatalities who have been identified, and non-involved civilians constitute approximately 50%. This ratio may vary as we continue our examination.

2. The number of names of those killed, examined by the ITIC to date, based on the Palestinian Health Ministry's lists, is around 900, i.e., about 42% of the number of Palestinians killed (a total of 2,157, according to a report by the Palestinian Health Ministry issued on September 14, 2014). From these lists we have removed duplicate names and added terrorist operatives, who do not appear on them (both for technical reasons and as a result Hamas's policy of concealment and deception). After these adjustments, the total number of fatalities examined by the ITIC to date is 1,017, i.e., approximately 47% of the total number of fatalities.

3. Weighting the findings of the current examination and the findings of the five previous examinations (detailed in the ITIC's previous documents) indicates the following distribution of the 1,017 fatalities:

  • A. 435 of those killed were terrorist operatives.

  • B. 439 of those killed were non-involved civilians.

  • C. 143 people who were killed are unidentified at this stage. Therefore, we cannot determine whether they were terrorist operatives or non-involved civilians.

  • br> 4. Of the 874 dead who could be identified, terrorist operatives constitute approximately 49.8% of the names. Non-involved civilians constituteapproximately 50.2%. This ratio may vary as the ITIC continues to examine additional names of those killed. At this stage, we cannot identify 143 fatalities, constituting approximately 14% of the names.

    Examination Of The Names Of Palestinians Killed In Operation Protective Edge - Part Six* Article

    October 6, 2014