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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Goldstone Report was the focus of attention of a meeting of the UN Security Council on October 14, 2009 and the subject of the 12th Special Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on October 15 and 16, 2009. The videos of these two meetings reveal the UN blood libel embodied in the Goldstone Report, namely, the claim that Israeli leaders deliberately intended to murder innocent civilians. Rather than decrying the deliberate use of Palestinian civilians as human shields by their terrorist brethren - in effect a modern form of human sacrifice perpetrated by Hamas as a means to achieve its genocidal goals against the Jewish people - the UN "human rights" community set out to deny Israel a right of self-defence. The videos indicate that the accusers are among the world's worst human rights violators and that their political agenda is to end "Judaization" of so-called Arab land - antisemitism by any other name.


Watch video here.
The UN Blood Libel Continues: Goldstone Report at a Special Session of UN Human Rights Council

October 15 & 16, 2009: UN Human Rights Council, Geneva

Watch video here.
The UN Blood Libel: the Goldstone Report at the UN Security Council

October 14, 2009: UN Security Council, New York City

October 20, 2009

October 19, 2009