Election Results 2017

Elected: Afghanistan, Angola, Australia, Chile, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Qatar, Senegal, Slovakia, Spain and Ukraine
Newly Elected Country Ranked by Freedom House NOT FREE: Afghanistan, Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Qatar
Total Number of Countries on Council now ranked FREE: 21
Total Number of Countries on Council now ranked NOT FREE or PARTLY FREE: 26

Detailed Results

African Regional Group
Senegal 188 votes
Angola 187 votes
Nigeria 185 votes
Democratic Republic of the Congo 151 votes
Benin* 1 vote (not elected)
Gambia* 1 vote (not elected)
Guinea-Bissau* 1 vote (not elected)

Asian Regional Group
Nepal 166 votes
Qatar 155 votes
Pakistan 151 votes
Afghanistan 130 votes
Malaysia 129 votes (not elected)
Maldives** 4 votes (not elected)
Fiji* 2 votes (not elected)
Bhutan* 1 vote (not elected)
Jordan* 1 vote (not elected)
Tuvalu* 1 vote (not elected)

Eastern European Regional Group
Slovakia 185 votes
Ukraine 177 votes
Estonia* 1 vote (not elected)

Latin America and Caribbean Regional Group
Peru 180 votes
Mexico 179 votes
Chile 175 votes

Western Europe and Other Regional Group
Spain 180 votes
Australia 176 votes
Andorra* 1 vote (not elected)
France* 1 vote (not elected)
Greece* 1 vote (not elected)

* candidacy never confirmed
** Withdrew