Election Results 2014

Elected: Albania, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Botswana, Congo, El Salvador, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Latvia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Paraguay, Portugal and Qatar
Newly Elected Country Ranked by Freedom House NOT FREE: Congo, Qatar
Total Number of Countries on Council now ranked FREE: 20
Total Number of Countries on Council now ranked NOT FREE or PARTLY FREE: 27

Detailed Results

African Regional Group
Ghana 187 votes
Nigeria 187 votes
Congo 185 votes
Botswana 183 votes
Democratic Republic of Congo* 2 votes (not elected)
Benin* 2 votes (not elected)

Asian Regional Group
India 162 votes
Indonesia 152 votes
Bangladesh 149 votes
Qatar 142 votes
Thailand 136 votes (not elected)
Kuwait* 2 votes (not elected)
Cambodia* 1 vote (not elected)
Philippines* 1 vote (not elected)
Bahrain* 1 vote (not elected)

Eastern European Regional Group
Albania 176 votes
Latvia 175 votes
Romania* 3 votes (not elected)
Lithuania* 1 vote (not elected)
Czech Republic* 1 vote (not elected)

Latin America and Carribean Regional Group
El Salvador 151 votes
Bolivia 144 votes
Paraguay 139 votes (not elected)
Costa Rica 120 votes (not elected)
Peru* 1 vote (not elected)

Western Europe and Other Regional Group
Portugal 184 votes
Netherlands 172 votes
Greece * 1 vote (not elected)
Italy* 1 vote (not elected)

* candidacy never confirmed