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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, November 26, 2018

3 Israeli soldiers hurt in Palestinian car-ramming attack in central West Bank

Original source

The Times of Israel

Three Israeli soldiers were injured when a Palestinian man rammed his car into them along a central West Bank highway in a suspected deliberate attack Monday, officials said.

The driver of the vehicle was shot dead by another soldier.

One of the soldiers sustained moderate wounds to his arms and legs, while the other two were lightly injured, with scrapes and bruises, medics said.

They received medical treatment at the scene and were taken to hospitals in Jerusalem for additional treatment, according to the Magen David Adom ambulance service.

Following the attack, Gush Etzion Regional Council head Shlomo Ne'eman called on "the government and the security forces to restore calm and ensure safety for the residents of the area."

The three servicemen were performing construction work along the side of the road when they were hit by the car as it traveled down the Route 60 highway near the Karmei Tzur settlement, south of the Gush Etzion Junction, the army said.

According to the military, another member of the patrol opened fire at the driver, killing him.

The driver was later identified by Palestinian officials as Ramzi Abu Yabes, a male nurse from the nearby Deheishe refugee camp.

The Route 60 highway, one of the main thoroughfares in the West Bank used by both Israelis and Palestinians, has been the site of many terror attacks in recent years.