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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, July 28, 2018

Two Palestinian teens caught sneaking into Israel with bag of guns

Original source

The Times of Israel

Border Police caught two Palestinian teens Saturday afternoon that had managed to sneak several hundred feet into Israel from the West Bank with a pair of home-made machine guns.

The Israeli troops had been carrying out a routine foot-patrol of the "Seam Zone" east of the Green Line and west of the security barrier when they noticed two suspects that had managed to cross into Israeli territory near the Oranit settlement.

They chased down the suspects, who tried unsuccessfully to flee. One of them was carrying a backpack, which the Border Police officers opened after apprehending the pair to find two Carlo-style submachine guns along with bullet magazines.

The suspects, 17 and 18-year-old Palestinians from Nablus, were transferred for questioning. The incident came just two days after a deadly terror attack in the West Bank, where a 17-year-old Palestinian snuck into the settlement of Adam and stabbed three Israelis.

The first victim, 31-year-old Yotam Ovadia succumbed to his wounds in a Jerusalem hospital late Thursday night, but the third victim was only injured lightly and managed to shoot dead the attacker, Mohammed Yousef.

Following the attack, the IDF announced that it would bolster troop presence in the West Bank by two brigades. It also carried out overnight raids in Kobar where the attacker had lived.