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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, May 4, 2017

Israeli Forces Thwart Stabbing Attack at Tomb of Patriarchs

Original source

The Jerusalem Post

A Palestinian knifeman attempted to carry out a stabbing attack on Thursday near the holy site of the Tomb of Patriarchs in the West Bank city of Hebron.

Police said that the 25-year-old assailant approached Border Police forces, and as he drew near he started running towards them screaming with a knife in hand, threatening to stab them.

Border police shot the assailant at the scene, neutralizing the threat. He was later taken to Hadassa University Medical Center for treatment.

Police released a photograph of the knife the assailant used. Others photos from the scene showed the assailant after the attack, as he lay on the pavement.

No Israelis were injured in the incident.

There have been scores of attacks against security forces in Hebron over the last three years, particularly in the area of the Tomb of Patriarchs.

Separately, in Hirbat Rikah south of Hebron, the IDF uncovered a weapons manufacturing warehouse, that had a weapons manufacturing machine.

According to the Foreign Ministry, since September 13, 2015, 49 people have been killed and 724 injured, including four Palestinians.

These attacks, known as the wave of violence, are carried out by Palestinians against civilians and Israeli security forces.

They include 177 stabbing attacks and 114 attempted stabbings, 144 shootings, 58 car ramming and one bus bombing, according to Foreign Ministry data.