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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, March 5, 2017

Palestinian Stabbing Attack Prevented By Israeli Officers

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YNet News

Border Police officers prevented a stabbing attack at Tapuah Junction in the West Bank on Sunday afternoon, the Israel Police said in a statement.

A member of the Border Police who was stationed at a lookout position at the junction identified two suspects moving in the open area nearby.

He relayed the information to other officers who approached the suspects and ordered them to halt and identify themselves. The Border Police then conducted a search and found a knife on the person of one of the suspects.

Both men, adult residents of Nablus, were detained without the use of physical force and transferred to security services to be interrogated.

The police's initial investigation suggests that one of the two had been in the area previously to study troop movements and had returned with the second man, who brought the knife. They allegedly had intended to carry out an attack on the civilians or security personnel at the junction.