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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, February 3, 2017

3 Israelis Hurt in Palestinian Car-Ramming Attack

Original source

The Times of Israel

Three Israelis were lightly wounded when a Palestinian woman drove her vehicle into a police car and a guard post outside a West Bank settlement on Thursday in a suspected car-ramming attack, the army said.

"Moments ago, a Palestinian assailant rammed her vehicle into a police car and into the gate of the Geva Binyamin community [also known as Adam] northeast of Jerusalem," the army said.

Two policemen and a civilian were lightly hurt and taken to the hospital for treatment, the army said, adding that the assailant was being treated and questioned at the scene.

"At first we thought it was an accident, but from what I understand, she confessed [to it being deliberate]," an army spokesperson told The Times of Israel.

The Hadassah Hospital on Jerusalem's Mount Scopus said it treated the three people hurt in the attack. It identified them as two 52-year-old men and another man aged 34.

A short video of the incident taken from security cameras shows two police cars passing through the settlement gate, closely followed by the attacker who drives into the guard post, shattering the windows.

There have been several deadly car-ramming terror attacks in the last 18 months, including a deadly attack in Jerusalem last month when a Palestinian man drove his truck into a group of soldiers on a tour, killing four of them.