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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, October 13, 2016

Two police officers hurt in suspected car ramming in Israel

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Two police officers were lightly injured when a car ran through the a-Zaim checkpoint on the road between Jerusalem and Maaleh Adumim on Thursday.

According to police, a car coming from the direction of a-Tur sped toward the checkpoint, traveling against traffic. When it saw a Border Police vehicle blocking the way, the car turned sharply toward a-Zaim, hitting the jeep and other police vehicles in the process.

The car injured two police officers, who were treated by MDA paramedics on the scene before being transported to Hadassah University Medical Center's Mount Scopus campus in good condition.

Security forces were searching the area for the vehicle and the suspects.

The circumstances of the incident were being investigated.

The incident came amid high tensions in Jerusalem after a Palestinian gunman killed two Israelis in a shooting attack in the capital on Monday.