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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, September 20, 2016

Palestinian Terror Attacks Continue, 9 Attacks in 5 Days

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A Palestinian man attempted to stab an Israeli soldier during a security check in the West Bank, the military said on Tuesday morning.

The suspected assailant was shot to death by the soldiers. No soldier was wounded in the incident, the Israel Defense Forces said.

This is the ninth attack against Israelis in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in the last five days and the third security incident in the Hebron area in the last 24 hours.

The military said the attack took place during a security check at the entrance to the Palestinian town of Bani Naim, located in the southern West Bank, east of Hebron.

The Palestinian was identified as Issa Salim Mahmoud Tarayra, 16, Bani Naim Mayor Mahmoud Manasra told the Palestinian news agency Ma'an.

On Monday evening, a stabbing attempt was thwarted in the West Bank in Hebron's Abu Sanina neighborhood when soldiers managed to subdue the assailant without opening fire.

Earlier in on Monday, an attempted stabbing attack took place near the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron. No Israelis were wounded and two suspected Palestinian assailants were shot dead.

Israeli security officials fear a surge of attacks in the West Bank and East Jerusalem ahead of the Jewish High Holy Days.