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Resources updated Tuesday, June 19, 2018

June 19, 2018

Israeli U.N. Ambassador Danny Danon presents antisemitic incitement material found in Palestinian schools

"It was just another day at the office for UN officials. As it has done innumerable times in the last 50 years, on June 12 the General Assembly devoted an entire day of debate, procedural wrangling, and voting to an effort to condemn Israel. As was the case with almost every previous effort of this kind, it succeeded.
While it claimed to be motivated by sympathy for the Palestinians who died, nowhere in its text was any mention of the fact that the demonstrations have not been peaceful, but were led by armed militants throwing rocks, fire bombs, and grenades, as well as launching incendiary kites aimed at burning Israeli fields and forests. Nor did it mention the role of the Hamas terrorist group in organizing an attempt to breach what is, as far as the international community is concerned, an international border. Also left out was the fact that the purpose of this so-called 'March of Return' - which has been happening on a weekly basis for months - is to eradicate the Jewish state.
Every now and then, the United States sends an ambassador to New York to stand up against this tide of prejudice. Figures like Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, John Bolton, and now Haley earned a place of honor in the hearts of friends of Israel with their courage and refusal to treat antisemitism as normal. But they've been the exceptions.

Yet even most of us who care about these issues tend to treat the UN's actions as mere rhetoric. While this is true, we're wrong to treat days like June 12 as deplorable but not worth getting all that upset about. While what goes on in the United Nations is, in a sense, just talk, it's far more dangerous than that.

What we forget about these exercises in hypocrisy is that they give official imprimatur to antisemitism. As Obama's State Department certified, a 'rising tide of anti-Semitism' is sweeping across Europe and Southeast Asia. Arab and Islamic hatred for Israel, as well as some Western elites' belief that the Jews are the one people on the planet who aren't entitled to a homeland, drive this trend..."

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