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Resources updated Wednesday, March 13, 2019

March 13, 2019

Gazans swarm at security fence by Gazan border (Illustrative photo: IDF)

The U.N. Human Rights Council Remains Allergic to Facts Article

Police post hit by firebomb on Temple Mount (Israel Police spokesperson)

Palestinians Hurl Firebomb at Police Post on Temple Mount, Sparking Riot Document

The knife used in the attack (IDF Spokesperson)

A Palestinian man attempting to carry out a stabbing attack in the Hebron area has been shot and killed by IDF soldiers, said the Israeli military spokesman.

"IDF fighters identified a terrorist armed with a knife running toward them," said the IDF statement.

"The fighters had forced back the terrorist who had been running toward a civilian structure nearby as he held the knife," said the statement. "The fighters fired at the terrorist, thwarted the attack, and he was killed. There were no casualties among our forces."

The attacker had apparently tried to enter Beit Ha'Shalom, a contentious building originally built by Arab businessmen but later purchased by Israeli Jews, located on the outskirts of Hebron near Kiryat Arba.

According to reports, at least one resident of the building spotted the terrorist and called for Israeli security forces. The terrorist reportedly lunged in an attempt to stab the soldiers but was shot and killed before he could carry out the attack.

Hebron stabbing disaster averted thanks to IDF soldiers Document