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Resources updated Monday, December 31, 2018

December 31, 2018

The International Criminal Courtís headquarters in The Netherlands

"On December 26, 2018, Ambassador Alan Baker reported for the Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs:

The election of the Palestinian Attorney-General, Dr. Ahmad Barrak, to serve as a member of the 'Advisory Committee on Nominations' of judges of the International Criminal Court, if it were not so serious, could be seen as comical. It cannot but invoke the ancient Latin maxim 'ovem lupo commitere,' or in its literal and colloquial version 'to set the wolf to guard the sheep.'

This sums up the acute absurdity to which respected international institutions in the international community, and particularly the United Nations and the International Criminal Court, have descended. Sadly, they have permitted themselves to be abused and manipulated by an irresponsible Palestinian leadership, intent on hijacking international organizations for obvious and blatant political purposes....

The election of the Palestinian Attorney-General, Dr. Ahmad Barrak, to serve as a member of the 'Advisory Committee on Nominations' of judges of the International Criminal Court should be cancelled because while Dr. Ahmad Barrak acted as Attorney General of the Palestinian Authority, Human Rights Watch reported that the PA used threats, arbitrary arrests and violent abuse, including beatings, electric shocks and stress positions to crush dissent..."

The International Criminal Court appoints to its Advisory Committee on Nomination of judges a Palestinian Attorney-General who overlooked torture Article

UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France

Israel, U.S. slated to leave UNESCO today to protest anti-Israel bias Article

Palestinian Authority security detaining an individual (File Photo)

A Palestinian Authority court in Ramallah on Monday sentenced a Palestinian American citizen to life in prison with hard labor for his involvement in the sale of properties to Israeli Jews.

The man, Isaam Akel, was arrested by the PA last October despite holding an Israeli ID card in his capacity as a resident of east Jerusalem.

The US State Department and the US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman had protested against the incarceration of Akel by the PA.

"Akel's incarceration is antithetical to the values of the US & to all who advocate the cause of peaceful coexistence," said Friedman on Twitter in November. "We demand his immediate release."

"We are aware of reports that a US citizen has been sentenced by a Palestinian court," a senior US official told The Jerusalem Post's sister publication Maariv. "When a US citizen is incarcerated abroad, the US government works to provide all appropriate consular assistance."

Palestinian sources said Akel, a resident of Bethlehem, had worked for the PA Ministry for Local Government before his arrest.

"The 55-year-old man, who is a US citizen, is being interrogated by the Palestinians security agencies in Ramallah for his role in the sale of an Arab-owned house in the Old City of Jerusalem to a Jewish organization," sources told The Jerusalem Post upon Akel's arrest.


Palestinian members of the al-Qassam Brigades, part of Hamas

IDF annual report: 1,000 rockets fired at Israel from Gaza in 2018 Document