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Resources updated Monday, October 08, 2018

October 8, 2018

Palestinians outside an UNRWA building

"With the United Nations General Assembly meeting this week, they are keen to bring to the attention of the world the education that is being provided in UNRWA schools. We believe that the hate-filled education that has been provided to young Palestinians over the last three generations is a leading cause of the failure to achieve peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Our message is simple: The education of Palestinian school children must change drastically if there is ever to be a lasting negotiated peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Why? Because these schools have been inciting three generations of young Palestinians to hate and kill Jews, and the only means of conflict resolution that these students have been exposed to is one of violence
A curriculum of hatred permeates all subject matter, from elementary arithmetic to high school social studies and science. Martyrdom is glorified, any historical connection of Jews to their biblical homeland is fictionalized, contemporary maps of the region omit the existence of the UN member state of Israel, Jews are demonized, and terrorist/jihad concepts are woven into songs, plays, and academia. 'The Right of Return' for over 5 million Palestinians is taught as a birthright - clearly an attempt to destroy the State of Israel. Summer camps for UNRWA school children in Gaza are essentially Hamas paramilitary training camps. It is nothing short of hair-raising to see an adorable schoolgirl demonstrate the best way to stab a Jew, or to hear a young schoolboy say that he dreams of one day becoming a martyr.
It has been a monumental error in judgement to ignore UNRWA's complicity in allowing a hate-filled education system to function unfettered in its schools for all these years. If this indoctrination had been properly addressed decades ago, we would likely not be in the situation we are in today, faced with a population of Palestinians educated in UNRWA schools (for which the USA was the major donor) unwilling to even consider a peaceful resolution to a conflict that has cost way too many innocent lives, and benefits no one, certainly not Palestinians..."

UNRWA indoctrinates Palestinian kids into a culture of hate Article