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Anne Bayefsky

EYEontheUN Announces New Videos on the Plans for Durban II

Friday, April 11, 2008

Video footage of the planning for Durban II ?
The UN Conference to Promote Antisemitism

Durban II is the next UN "anti-racism" conference -
certain to be a global platform for antisemitism
and the demonization of Israel.

Planning for the 2009 hatefest is already underway.

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An "Important Conference" - for Iran
Durban II - a UN-sponsored platform for spreading the hate-filled Iranian message. Manouchehr Mottaki, Foreign Minister of Iran and Iranian Representative to the UN, speaking at the "Human Rights" Council.

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The racist "anti-racism" message
An "anti-racism" conference with the demonization of Israel as its goal (Israel - where 1/5 the population is Arab with more democratic rights than in any Arab state).

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A conference to redefine "antisemitism"
Durban II is an opportunity to redefine antisemitism as victimizing Arabs and Moslems, Algeria says.

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A conference to allege "Islamophobia"
The best defence is a good offense and Islamophobia became the offense of choice immediately after 9/11.

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A conference to limit freedom of expression
Using the pretense of combating racism to limit freedom of expression.

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A conference to thwart efforts to end terrorism
This conference will serve to encourage terrorism - by providing a global platform for wild allegations that the war to end terrorism is a nefarious racist plot.