Durban Watch

Durban I

Photos from the 2001 UN World Conference Against Racism, Durban, South Africa

Handout at the NGO Forum The Signs
The Clothing Distributed
NGO Forum Booth of the Arab Lawyers Union and its Display
Pages from a book distributed at the NGO Forum
Audience at the Jewish Caucus' session on Anti-semitism during the NGO Forum International NGO News Conference After the NGO Forum
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The Demonstrations
Nasser Al-Kidwa, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Palestinian National Authority
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Daily Handout on tables at the Government Conference T-shirt Confiscated at Security Entrance to the Government Conference
Arafat Addresses Government Conference
Many thanks to ICARE & the Magenta Foundation for the reproduction of their photos:

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Copyright 2001, ICARE & Magenta Foundation, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.