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Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations: Pakistan

Pakistan remains one of the deadliest countries in the world for the aid workers with 12 incidents of attacks reported on relief workers reported in the country.
Source: The Express Tribune, July 6, 2015

Mission of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations: "The main tasks of the Committee are...The consideration of applications for consultative status and requests for reclassification submitted by NGOs; The consideration of quadrennial reports submitted by NGOs in General and Special categories; The implementation of the provisions of Council resolution 1996/31 and the monitoring of the consultative relationship; Any other issues which the ECOSOC may request the Committee to consider." (Committee on NGOs website)

Pakistan's Term of office: 2015-2018

Pakistan's Record on NGOs:
"Security threats were a problem for NGO workers...The NGO Registration Policy, implemented by the Ministry of Finance Economic Affairs Division in November 2013, represented the government's efforts to increase its oversight and control over civil society. The policy requires NGOs to fully disclose activities and funding sources. This policy also directs embassies to verify the existence of foreign-based NGOs applying with the Economic Affairs Division for a memorandum of understanding to operate in the country. The government stated that these measures were needed to improve the transparency of the sprawling network of local and international NGOs and to better track the foreign funding that supports them... Some groups that implicated the government, military, or intelligence services in problems and that worked on issues related to IDPs and conflict reported faced restrictions on their operations. " (US State Department Country Report of Human Rights Practices in Pakistan, 2014)